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This is the philosophy behind Platinum Care Membership Get the satisfaction and the pleasure of reading your own birth chart. Learn to interpret your horoscope here at indastro. Get to know the distinctive characteristics and traits of not only yourself but also of friends. Learning the meaning and effects of the different planets. Login Sign Up. Tomorrow's Horoscope.

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What is Vedic Astrology? This includes the obvious, sun and moon, but also all the other planets. Many people enjoy reading horoscopes online and think of it as just an entertaining hobby. In reality, astrology is much more meaningful than a diversion.

Free Vedic Horoscope Predictions for life

Vedic astrology is deeply dependent on karma and reincarnation. But in order for any of that information to be put to use, the soul must attach itself to a body. In this sense, your birth chart is the seed of eventuality of your karma which has come to a fruition point and has formed your destiny in this lifetime. That means the potentiality of the seed is to become an apple tree; to grow hundreds of thousands of apples, and to live its life for whatever period of time.

This is the potentiality of every single chart. It shows the seed which has the possibility to achieve its fully-grown destiny to bear the fruits of your karma.

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Basically, your chart is the blueprint of your destiny, written in a language that only the astrologer understands. This is, perhaps, the most dangerous assumption people make about astrology.

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Get the most important answers through Vedic Astrology Readings and experience a positive journey into your life! Date of birth, time and place are required for the study and analysis of the chart. Upon scheduling please be sure to provide with the following information:. Kalki Das Vedic Philosophy and Rituals.